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सुशीला टाकभौरे कृत “नीला आकाश” उपन्यास में दलित जीवन का परिपेक्ष्य

February 27th, 2021

भारतीय समाज में वर्ण भेद और जाति भेद की भावना वर्षो से चली आ रही है! नीला आकाश उपन्यास की कथा वस्तु दलित जीवन का यथार्थ हैं! यहाँ सवर्णों के षडयंत्रो के साथ दलितों के शोषण उत्पीड़न और आभाव पूर्ण जीवन का चित्रण किया गया हैं !

The Scattered (Dalit) Spectacles; the Narrative of Indian (Hindi) Films since 1940s to Contemporary Time-Saddam Hossain, Saddam Hossain

October 6th, 2020

The ancient caste system of the Hindu society is still prevalent in India as well as different parts of South Asian countries.  The people belonging to the lowest level of this inhuman and unjust caste system are known as the ‘Dalits’ meaning oppressed or broken. It is very unfortunate to know that even in today’s twenty first century this unconstitutional practice is still very much prevalent in different parts of India. This paper focuses on how Indian cinema particularly the Hindi film industry starting from Achyut Kanya in the 1940’s to Article 15(a) in 2019, have used the same discriminative casteist narratives again and again. The typical Brahmanical gaze of this ancient caste system has again and again found itself a place in the narratives of the Hindi films. The films like Achyut Kanya, Ankur by Shabana Azmi, Nagraj Manjule’s Sairat to Dhadak all have shown the inter-caste love stories between two people on numerous occasions, and the view have been always from a Brahmanical hierarchy upper-caste structure, from where this system itself started. It has been very few times when the narrative of the films has initiated from the view of the lower caste Dalit people, and their views have been sidelined.