SHODHCHAKRA- A Gateway to Researchers for Resources


Shodh-Chakra is an initiative of Information and Library Network (INFLIBNET) Centre under the guidance of University Grants Commission (UGC) to help the academic community during their research life cycle. Shodh-Chakra provides a unique space to the researcher, guide/supervisor and university to manage the research lifecycle of a research scholar. This will work as a digital workspace wherein researchers can collect, store, organize and cite their research work. The Shodh-Chakra would help researchers to create their profile and manage their preferences. The process of using the portal starts with signing an MoU between University and INFLIBNET Centre. The university/institute has to provide valid information of the researcher and supervisor. Further, researcher can login into system and avail the features of Shodh-Chakra. The system will generate login credentials to researchers, supervisors and universities.




  • To provide consistent support to the researchers;
  • To provide single point access to all the research needs of higher education institutions in India;
  • To provide dedicated platform for search, store, organize and manage literature;
  • To supply bibliographic information of millions of scholarly communications through the single platform;
  • To provide research support to the academic community by amplifying the latest tools for conducting research;
  • To empower and educate research scholars in conducting research work;
  • To provide interactive platform between guide and researcher;
  • To provide single point access to view research activity of all research scholars;
  • To understand the research trend across the universities;
  • To provide a single portal for managing researcher, guide, and university’s research activity;


  • The Shodh-Chakra creates and maintains research profile of scholar(s) & guide(s);
  • It provides access to more than 3.5 lakhs full-text theses;
  • It helps researcher(s) to find out relevant literature from millions of scholarly articles from Shodhganga, Google Scholar, IRINS, Crossref and other databases;
  • Store, collect, organize and manage scholarly resources in a personalized resource space known as My Library;
  • It stores information of Scholarship/Fellowship received by a researchers and other administrative details of the researchers;
  • Single search box to find out resources using keywords from major metadata fields;
  • The Shodh-Chakra provides access to pre-populated Knowledge Resources that are useful sources of information for a researcher before beginning the research work. (Shodhganga, MOOCs Module on Research Ethics, etc.);
  • It gathers information of upcoming seminars/workshops and conferences in all the fields across the country on participatory approach;
  • It has a unique feature to mark the favourite resource so that it can be referred in future while preparing the manuscript;
  • Reference management tool (Zotero) is integrated with a portal that will help researchers to manage resources;
  • It also facilitates researchers to annotate the resources;


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