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In this multilingual nation, it is very difficult to recognise so many local languages. So, English is one language that serves all the need as it is spoken and known to almost every country in the world. Believe it or not, English has and will have the top most status in means of language throughout. It is the language of global business. The hegemony of English is there in this world and this hegemony is the only source of communication globally. Even the multinational companies are mandating English as the only language for communication, where China is constantly raising in business globally still Mandarin is not the preferred language as a corporate language. This is the fastest spreading language without having any national barriers. The world is in the stage of ‘Englishnization’ where there is still to adopt and learn for the advantages to come. It is the language with is able to communicate with diverse range of people even in this multilingual world. This language is called the ‘powerhouse’ to the global business. The researcher in its paper has put an initiative to bring all the aspects of why English should be the global language and has maintained a doctrinal method of research.

Keywords: English, Language, Business, Global, Multinational.


Believe it or not, English has been regarded as a global business language in today’s era. More than 350 million people are speaking English as their first language and more than 430 million people speaking English as their second language in the world. It emerged somewhere in fifth century AD. In the beginning it was just like one of the several languages with no strong identity but today the scenario has completely changed and it has emerged as a leading language of the world. The world is revolving around two e’s that is English and Electronic Media. English is aver over the world in every form whether in books, media or any other source one can think of. Every other company is making English the only language of communication in business transactions. English is even the primary source in scientific communication. There are so many cases where the company has changed its initial language of communication to English overnight. This is also making English the fastest speaking language in the world. The internet is also the primary source for this reason. One in every four people is speaking English now days at a global level. English is a business language irrespective of the place of the company. This language has united the world as one and has crossed every possible boundary. English serves two purposes: firstly, it acts as a linguistic tool and secondly it acts as a communicating tool. People of different languages are united by English. As it is an International Business Language, the company can work efficiently without any language issues. As international trade is expanding day by day it is bringing more and more countries into it. The evolution of English language to the non speaking countries came into existence through Britishers. When they colonised different countries, they introduced English in that particular country for their own benefits but now it’s benefitting the world altogether. Whatever profession you go for, it is necessary to have proficiency in English now a days. Apart its dominance in business it opens the door for other areas as well. Like for an example, if anyone wants to pursue their career in science, it’s necessary for them to learn English to read terminology and even to know the latest developments they have read journals which are written in English. If you want to be an academician, you can choose programs of English and work or study in West. Journalist, blogger or writers are now having good command on English which tends to be the only reason for their fame in the field of media. Globalisation has made the importance of English in our lives. English has become a fundamental language these days and the hegemony of this language is rising day by day. The situation is such that we cannot connect with others in global field if we don’t possess the knowledge of English. The individual who is well versed in English is like a ripe apple that every company wants to hire for the company’s growth.


English language was introduced in India with the establishment of East India Company. Formally it was introduced in 1835 by Thomas Babington Macaulay in South India. In his Minutes he included the importance and requirement of education which will be given to the natives by English Language. By the middle of nineteenth century the foundation of English was getting much broader in India and there came some remarkable developments like the establishment of universities in three present Indian cities i.e., Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata as well as in Dhaka too which was a part of Indian subcontinent at that time. It then got introduced with the vernacular language and has absorbed some words into it. It was common among higher class and educated sector of India to speak English at that time. This language helped a lot in the freedom struggle movement and helped to country to get its independence. It was the language of politics and Mahatma Gandhi used English to put forward his messages in front of the Britishers.

English has an esteemed national status in India. It is not only used as a language of business but also used in the Parliament, judiciary, journalism, education, mass media and broadcasting. Presently, English has reached its height in India and it has become one of the most popular languages in India. It is used as one of the official languages. India is even using English as a business language. It is the only language that is understood across the country. It is the important language for international affairs. This language is used to build international business relationship as diplomats discuss the issues of trade, commerce, global business, culture, international matters and peace-making. Now, all business companies are using English as the only mode of transaction in India. Foreign companies are coming and establishing in India because of the high rate of usage of English. Many businessmen have contributed a lot in business sector through the knowledge of English. The promotion of English language is India is done through business only. The knowledge of English opens up a number of job opportunities in India. Almost every firm while taking interview asks about the proficiency in English. Almost every company makes sure that even the fourth grade employee knows the basic of English. Knowledge of English language let an individual connect with people around the globe. Hence, making the business trips easier as it helps to interact and communicate with natives. Every business company with an international client base uses English as the primary source of interactions and there is no doubt that India has already attracted lot many international business companies. As majority of Indians are deprived from the knowledge of English. Therefore, India has set up many institutions where people can learn English. This is just to decrease the rate of unemployment in India by making them learn English along with interpersonal skills so that the individual can get opportunity to work in global business world. Having a good knowledge of English even opens up some self employment career options like blogging, client counselling, content writing, English trainings etc. Initially, English was the language of elites in India. Slowly, it got infused among the middle class as people started to realise the need of making English as the first language for the employment in multinational companies. English has reached every nooks and corner in India. Initially, English was the language of elite slowly it got infused among the middle class as the need of employment arose. For Indians, English acted as a link language. It has created a linguistic bridge between India and other business countries in the world. The impact of English has still not ended in India but it is increasing day by day.


No doubt, that English has become the language of professional communication. English has always been in a diverse identity. It has always embedded many different languages into its vocabulary and has made itself flexible enough to include vernacular languages even. It changes its texture as it travels from one country to another. It is amazing that it still developing. No two countries have same pronunciation of a word in English. Each and every country has given some unique vocabulary to English. English is existing today as a means of international business. It is the only language which can help a country to increase in the growth of its economy.

It is suggested that the aborigines of English should try to maintain the actual essence of this language. The international research organisation which is working on this language should set up institutions across the world and teach the real English. People know how to speak, read and write English but still they lack somewhere in the correct usage of grammar which should be seriously looked up by these institutions to hold the true essence of English. It may happen in coming years that English language changes its original course by the involvement of different languages into it.

The government of the countries should promote English teaching institutions with minimal fees so that more and more people come and learn English and make their own place in the field of employment. The country can only rise if there will be less unemployment, the development of the individual will increase through this effort of the government.

Hence, “englishnization” is growing widely and it is important for the development of the world. From the under developed countries to the developed countries all are under the influence of English to promote their business.


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