Low readership of maithili literature a big challenges.

It’s a big challenges of low readership in maithili language and literature. So many reasons are responsible for this pendamic situation of maithili.
A minimum readership of maithili since ancient to modern era. Because earlier past as well as at present maithili literature was not available for common people of mithila? It’s always sarounding only near maithili author.

Maithili writer have naver try to connected with mithila society and common people. Maximum people of mithila can’t say maithili author name usually. Someone maithili author have published her book for academy award formalities.
They all never try to establish or promote book seller platform to easily available maithili book for common people. At present so many maithili books are available online or ofline also. But maximum people don’t want to purchase maithili books. It’s also a big challenges for maithili writer and book sellers.

Author© Dr. Kishan Karigar

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